Posted in  Market News   on  March 13, 2023  

Disclaimer: At Milestone Asset Management, our portfolios do not have any direct exposure to the SVB Banks situation.  Video: From our financial network, Joe Moss, CIO for Synergy Asset Management. It will take some time, but the FDIC was designed for moments like this. The FDIC seizure of Silicon Valley Bank is the second-largest US

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Posted in  Market Review   on  January 31, 2023  

In Every Quarter…Our “Reasonable Goal”. At Milestone Asset Management, our goal is to achieve reasonable returns, with reasonable risk, over a reasonable time period using diversified portfolios. Through fundamental and technical analysis, in light of geopolitical events, inflation, corporate earnings, the Fed, and interest rates, we manage each of our portfolios per its mandate, aiming

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Posted in  Market Review   on  December 6, 2022  

In November, the U.S. stock market continued its upward move as the S&P 500 rose 5.6%, the Nasdaq was up 4.5% and the Dow was up 6%.  Bonds made their biggest move all year, as the Aggregate Bond Index price moved up by 3.5%.  Since bond yields fall when prices move up, the interest rate

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