Strategies to grow and protect your money in all environments.

Milestone Asset Management is based on the idea that market conditions are constantly changing.

Much like the weather, market conditions are constantly changing.

Thus, your portfolio needs to adjust its holdings when market conditions change.

In order to have a successful retirement plan, you have to be confident that your investment platform will grow and protect your money in all environments. 

Active Portfolio Management

Like your morning coffee, not too hot, not too cold, but just right....

Your investments are centered on Adaptive Portfolio Management, which means that we adjust and adapt holdings based on changing market environments.

Milestone Asset Management is
based on three important principles:



Growth is necessary to build a nest egg, provide income, and protect against inflation — and the only way to obtain growth is by achieving compounded returns. 



In the world of investing, losses count more than gains.  In order to receive compounding returns, you cannot take large losses or drawdowns on your nest egg.  This underscores the importance of protection from volatility and large swings in the market. 



In today’s constantly changing and highly volatile investment world, you must have a strategy and philosophy that will adjust and adapt in real-time in order to achieve protection and growth.. 

Flying an airplane takes constant navigation, adjusting to wind, weather, and traffic, to reach a destination safely.
As with the precision of flying, our investment philosophy takes the same proactive and disciplined approach to provide for growth, protection, and adaptability.

Milestone Asset Management
is a U.S. owned and managed corporation.

Our clients are probably a lot like you.

The majority of Milestone Asset Management clients are in their pre-retirement and retirement years.  That means we cannot, and do not, use the traditional ‘buy and hold’ investment strategy that follows the extreme ups and downs of the market.  At this stage in life, our clients need investment models and strategies which adjust holdings as market conditions change. This helps to grow and protect their nest egg in all market environments. 

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Your financial well-being is driven by practical and real-world experience, cumulating over 100 years in asset management, system growth, and front-line understanding.

Our clients commonly prefer
less market risk.

Our investment strategy is based solely on your individual needs, meaning a comprehensive plan with stable returns and less market risk to your unique situation. We only use proven money managers that adjust and adapt holdings based on changing market environments.

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